Monday, March 31, 2014

Sonogram Machine Donated!

We are pleased to announce that a sonogram machine has been donated to our Sierra Leone Medical Clinic. This generous donation was given by Dr. Serghany and Western New York MRI.  This is a huge blessing to us and to the people we are serving in Sierra Leone!  Any form of medical imaging is hard to come by in Sierra Leone.  The local Koidu government hospital does not even have a sonogram machine.  The use of a sonogram machine will help with a variety of medical diagnoses.  This information then helps with providing appropriate treatments and medical management.  Medical diagnoses include pregnancy detection and monitoring; lung problems such as Tuberculosis or Pneumonia; heart problems such as ineffective valves or blood flow; blood vessel problems such as aneurysms or blockages; kidney problems such as stones or tumors; liver problems such as cirrhosis or tumors; gallbladder problems such as gallstones; female problems with the breasts, uterus or ovaries; male problems with the testes; thyroid problems such as nodules or goiters; lymph node problems such as blockages or masses.  This sonogram machine will be used to its fullest potential.  We believe and know that it will help so many people in Sierra Leone.  We thank God for his faithfulness in providing us with this piece of lifesaving equipment.  See the image below!

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