Monday, May 5, 2014

Dr. Glick visiting Sierra Leone! Day 1

After 3 flights, 9 hrs on the road and most of two days of travel we arrived in Koidu this evening.

These two days traveling and experiencing Sierra Leone again have reminded me of the incredible challenges this country and our mission present. Flying into Freetown last night this teeming city of over 2 million people was mostly dark with scattered pockets of lights the only evidence from the air that this city even exists. Everything seems harder here. The first rains have settled the dust but have left huge craters one has to drive carefully around. Farmers still cut down trees by hand, burn the land to prepare for planting and then place the seeds one at a time. Women still cook on an open fire using charcoal that was home made. Children walk miles to school. It is hard to find clean water and harder still to find a doctor or nurse or medicines when your child is sick. 

In the midst of the incredible logistical challenges Phebian and Joshua are being faithful to this mission of bringing quality medical care to one of the most remote part of the world in the name of Jesus to demonstrate His love.  Seeing their faithfulness gives me the courage to go on.

It was awesome experience to visit the clinic site this evening. Last year it was just an empty piece of land. And a dream. Now it has become a reality. Phebian's dream has become bricks and mortar. As the general contractor and Phebian and Joshua took us through the site I felt overwhelmed by the scope of the project (it is big!), excited, proud and scared all at the same time. I was deeply moved by the joy of the villagers, neighbors , the builders and Phebian. This project means so much to them. We are now standing with the people of Koidu and this building demonstrates that someone cares. It is bringing hope. Already sometimes people are traveling from close to the border Guinea looking for help from this clinic and person they have heard about. It is remarkable to witness and to be a part of this. What a responsibility we have now! To complete the work and to equip this clinic to do what it is intended to do.

Having my daughter Stephanie join me is a great experience. She is doing great. Already reaching out to children. Even survived a roach jumping out of her pillow this evening! She just calmly shook it out, put her own pillowcase on and is using it now.

Tomorrow we travel 90 minutes to a village called Kangama to do our first clinic. Keep us in your prayers. Keep this work and this beautiful and most challenging country of Sierra Leone and it's brave people in your prayers and thoughts


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