Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sierra Leone Alliance Food Program: February 2015 Report

In the month of February, the Sierra Leone Alliance faithfully provided much-needed food to over 1,572 quarantined individuals (283 households) in the Ebola-stricken country. While Ebola continues to remain widespread in Sierra Leone, there are indications that the disease may be in retreat. At the end of the week of February 22, there were 63 new diagnosed cases in the country. This is 63 cases too many, but compared to the figures earlier this year, it appears that there is real hope that Sierra Leone will be Ebola-free by late spring. 

We are cautiously optimistic, but while these trends hold, the Sierra Leone Alliance has determined that it will continue the food program at least until the end of May. By May we will reassess if the food program is still needed. We hope it will not be, and that our brothers and sisters in Sierra Leone can start embarking towards long-term recovery after suffering the devastating effects of this terrible disease for nearly a year. 

Meanwhile, we will continue to serve Sierra Leone this way during this epidemic, through the provision of food, by the grace of God. 

As Dr. Myron Glick wrote in a recent email to many of you, our supporters, "God bless the members of each organization who are working on the ground in Sierra Leone to carry out this program. They are being the 'hands and feet' of Jesus to some of the poorest and most vulnerable people in the world. May God be with each one and their families and encourage them in this work.

And thank you to each person who has contributed to this Food Program since October [of] 2014. Together we have made a tangible and real difference in Sierra Leone."

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