Thursday, April 23, 2015

One More Year!

Dear Supporters,

The 3rd Annual Sierra Leone Gala was a huge success! We had over 440 people in attendance and raised over $140,000 to help fund the Adama Martha Memorial Community Health Center for one more year. 

We are incredibly thankful to everyone who came out to hear about and support our mission in Sierra Leone. It's very fulfilling to see people take a genuine interest in our mission and to come to our gala fundraiser. God stirred in peoples hearts to give of their finances which is such a blessing to this mission! Without the money, we would not be able to continue our work in Sierra Leone. Thank you!

Kuddos to the Sierra Leone Gala Committee who really went above and beyond themselves to make this a fun, meaningful, and successful event. It takes a dedicated team to pull something likes this off. We had a wonderful crew of volunteers who helped the night of the event as well which helped in the events success. You are all appreciated!

Overall, we are pleased with the outcome and know that God will continue to provide us with what we need, when we need it. Without faith, works are nothing and so we thank God for allowing us the faith to continue on with this mission.

We are still collecting donations, so if you haven't given and would like to, please click here. Also, we have the video presentation of our operational medical clinic that debuted at the gala fundraiser. This video is courtesy of Hans Glick, a photo journalist, who went to Sierra Leone in February of 2015 with one of our medical teams. We are grateful for his hard work and dedication to this mission!

Words can not express our gratitude to all the faith and financial supporters.

Thank you and God Bless.

Global Health Outreach

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