Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dr. Glick's Final Trip Reflection

Tonight is our final evening in this beautiful and challenging country.
Phebian and Pastor Joshua are two of the most committed and faithful
people I have ever known and I am confident that they will represent
Jericho Road and Jesus with excellence and sacrifice and passion and
integrity here in Sierra Leone. Please keep them in your prayers.

The logistical challenges of launching this work will be daunting. But
God is faithful. And these 10 days in Sierra Leone have been
productive in so many ways. We have actually started doing medical
care. Phebian is now connected in real and tangible ways to people,
NGOs, hospitals, doctors and government officials here in Sierra Leone
who will be able to help and support her and Pastor Joshua in carrying
out this mission. Even today we had an amazing meeting with the wife
of the Vice President of Sierra Leone who seems excited to work with
Phebian and who also opened the door for us to meet the Vice President
and Minister of Health tomorrow. Partly because both the President and
Vice President are originally from Kono District we think they could
be especially helpful to Phebian.

Paul and I have had a great time together. Our friendship has been
strengthened ( except when discussing American politics). He is an
excellent travel companion and has great experience doing these
mission trips. Paul's passion for medical missions and especially for
this work in Sierra Leone are incredibly important to our long term
success here.
Phebian has been a tremendous host. What a wonderful person she is!
Tonight I am excited to come home. To see my extended family at
Jericho Road and especially to see Joyce and Peter and Tommy again! I
commit to doing my very best to help lead Jericho Road both in Buffalo
and in Sierra Leone.
Thanks to each of you have read these emails, passed them on and who
have prayed for us. May God give us all the passion and determination
to carry out this mission.
God Bless. Myron

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