Monday, January 27, 2014

Phebian Update

Phebian is doing well overall.  She is as motivated as ever to see the health clinic be completed and advocate for her people who desperately need basic health care.  She admits that the move back to Sierra Leone has been difficult.  After being in the United States for 13 years, she had gotten used to the comforts and conveniences.  This includes things such as running water, a flushing toilet, a grocery store with fresh fruits and vegetables, smooth roads, and pizza.  Pizza is her favorite food and she also loves Buffalo chicken wings.  If we could, we would mail her some.

She needs our prayers as she continues to adjust, sacrifice, and face a lot of opposition.  She has forged good relations with the Koidu Government Hospital staff as well as the health providers in the five target villages.  She has provided basic medical care in each target village as well as Koidu town.  She has recruited and utilized volunteers to help with the building of the medical clinic.  She has continued the hernia repair program and the community focus groups in each village.  The people trust her, God is with her, and she perseveres.  She is an amazing, Godly woman.  She says, "Life here is hard but the love that God gives me for my people keeps me going."

Phebian on the beach of Freetown, SL.

Phebian on the hillside just outside of Freetown, SL.

Phebian with the head nurse of the Jaima Village Health Center.
Phebian speaking with the leaders of Kangama Village.

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