Monday, February 24, 2014

Building Progress Update

Phebian and her Sierra Leone team have been working hard every day building the clinic structure.  The community continues to show their love and support for this mission in a variety of ways.  Phebian has more than enough help.  She's had to take frequent trips to Freetown (the capital of Sierra Leone) in order to get more building supplies and materials.  The walls are up on the structure.  Due to a poor internet connection, Phebian has been unable to send us updated pictures even though she's been taking them diligently.

Mr. Paul Violanti, a Nurse Practitioner and the head of the Global Health Outreach committee will be taking a trip to Sierra Leone from February 21-28.  His main mission while there will be to meet with Sierra Leonean leaders about our project and to enhance those relationships.  He will also check on the building process to make sure it's going as intended and originally planned.  He will also confirm our NGO status while there.  Please keep him in prayer as he travels and please pray for a fruitful time in while in Sierra Leone. Thank you!

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