Monday, February 17, 2014

Community Needs

The villages within the Kono district of Sierra Leone were the hardest hit by the rebels during the horrific war. This is because of the diamond mine that is central to this area located in Koidu, the largest town within the district. There is not a village or person who was not affected by the war and the community is still trying to recover and rebuild. As a result, the villages lack adequate clean water and proper sanitation. Villagers often bath, wash clothes, use the bathroom in, and drink from the same water source such as a small stream or nearby pond. A village may have a well or two but it is often not deep enough so it goes dry for half of the year. Sometimes, they may have to walk a mile or more to access the nearest well or water source. There are latrines in each village that are often shared by 30+ people and end up caving in because they are built wrong or are overflowing. There is no systematic garbage disposal so garbage is dumped anywhere and everywhere. The community needs are clear and we plan on helping in these areas moving forward.  Lack of clean water and proper sanitation is a huge problem within the Kono District of Sierra Leone. 

A ground well with water used for cooking and doing laundry.

A stream with water used for just about anything.

A pump well with water used for drinking and cooking.

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