Saturday, December 20, 2014

We're Making an Impact! Part One: Story from Mayagba

The following story comes from a local aid worker from Sierra Leone on the impact of the Sierra Leone Alliance Food Program:

"These four male orphans [pictured below] of Mayagba village were left to their paternal aunt when their mother and father died of an undiscovered trace of Ebola in October and November 2014, respectively. The father was a renowned herbalist and sorcerer and the mother supported her husband by helping to wash patients or clients with local herbs. It is the opinion of the people that they must have treated an infected person, which cost them their lives. The neighbors of the couple testified that even when the rule was passed that no one should administer treatment of any kind to any person, but direct all treatment to the health center or hospitals, these two were still doing their healing work underground.

After their parents died, these orphans were only going to live on yams and salt in their quarantine condition, but that very day World Hope visited them with an attractive package of food items. The aunt they were staying with was overwhelmed with joy that she wept while the orphan children excitedly opened their surprise gift. The aunt, with tears in her eyes, thanks World Hope for such an unexpected gift."

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