Friday, December 12, 2014

We're Making an Impact! Part Two: Story from Makankoi

This testimony from a Sierra Leonian in Makankoi, forwarded to us by a local aid worker, illustrates the hardships that many in the country face during this epidemic:

"My son's wife had a miscarriage and started bleeding from every part of her body--ears, mouth, nose, etc. When this was detected, we called 117 and asked for the ambulance to come and collect her. She was then taken to the holding center, were she was tested and later died. We were then asked to stay within [under quarantine] and not move until after twenty-one days. From the time this was done, no food was given to us."

The aid worker writes, "When I ask her why she thinks they have been treated this way, she answered saying, 'Maybe it is because we are in the interior part of the country, but they should know that we too are human beings and important ones as well.'"

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