Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Dr Vicki and Dr Kirk Update

By Vicki Ip 

A big hello and hugs from Sierra Leone!  We just had our first clinic and had to close up with flashlights.  Its been an amazing journey already, the warmth and graciousness of the people are unparalleled.  Phebian is so amazing.  The love she has for the people and her work are so inspiring.  After a long day, an hour and a half ride back to Koidu, Phebian and Kirk traveled to the Koidu hospital to visit one of her very sick patients.  He had a hernia repair about a month ago but now has hepatosplenomegaly, ascites, pulmonary edema, and is becoming confused.  He has schisto and Kirk suspects liver failure, ascites and CHF from schisto.  The man is only in his 30s.  Phebian has been so worried over him and invested in him and if she didn't get his brother to take him for and abdominal ultrasound a couple of days ago....

There could not be a better ambassador for the Sierra Leonians than Phebian.  I swell with admiration for her.  God is definitely walking this entire journey with her as we have all been witness to. We will keep the updates coming.

In love and faith,
Vicki and Kirk

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