Monday, October 14, 2013

We Made It!

by Heather Quinn

We made it to Sierra Leone! The trip was uneventful except for having to sprint through the Chicago airport in order to not miss our connecting flight to Brussels. We made it with 20 minutes to spare before take off. 

After 17 hours of air travel and a short drive, we arrived at a guest house for the night. It was a nice and neat place with a high fence and barbed wire with shards of glass on the top.  The guest house staff was friendly and accommodating.  We caught up with Phebian and Pastor Joshua and then settled in. The reunion with Phebian was filled with shouts of joy and lots of hugs. We ate a nice meal of fried chicken and French fries, then called it a night. We were exhausted from the long but successful journey. We received all our luggage without difficulty! The medical clinics will happen! 

We slept well on a cozy bed with a mosquito net over us. The morning came quickly and we woke up to a nice breakfast and instant coffee. We ate our fill and started to confirm the plans for our two week mission trip. Pastor Joshua and Phebian led our discussion of how to best use our time. The weather was dry but cloudy and we got all packed up for the long ten hour trip to Kono. We said a prayer and our goodbyes at the guest house.  We piled into the truck with four of us in the back and PastorJoshua in the flat bed with our all luggage. The driver, a young man named Mohamed, had cleaned the truck and made water available for us. Phebian sat in the front with our microscope on her lap. It made it intact! We stopped for gas and to fill our trucks tires with air. It was a busy day in Lungi with people milling about and others selling their products at the market. Our team was excited and ready to go to Kono. We are anticipating the two week journey and can't wait for our mission to begin. Wait, it already has! More to come.

Team's arrival in Sierra Leone

At the Anselm guest house

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