Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sunday Change of Pace

Heather Quinn

Today is Sunday and we are taking a day of rest. It's a nice day here and we had a leisurely breakfast. We drank some mango juice this morning and it was delicious! It was a nice change from water.  There was a huge rainstorm last night in which we think there was some flooding because we heard a big commotion in the middle of the night. After breakfast, Kirk and Olivia are reviewing and comparing the village notes in regards to public health. Vicki is going through our medical 'notes' that we stayed up late last night organizing into binders by village in order to identify the top medical diagnosis and treatments provided. I am sitting outside reading my devotional and enjoying the views. There is a group of young boys in the distance playing some sort of game with a ball that I recognize but don't know the name of it. Phebian is attending to the family of the patient who passed yesterday. We plan on going exploring in Koidu today to check out if it's possible to buy mosquito nets and material for birth kits. Phebian has a few patients lined up for later so we will go to our office in Koidu and possibly see the land. Our team is doing well. 

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