Thursday, August 7, 2014

Current Updates on Sierra Leone

1.  Phebian is doing well and is currently in Freetown (the capital of Sierra Leone).  She is able to oversee the construction of our building from there.  She states that she is 'bored' but hopefully is getting much needed rest.  She is not scared and she is trusting in God during this time.  She is not providing any sort of medical care right now.

2.  The Ebola crisis continues as more and more people get the deadly virus.  Last reports read that over 1,600 people are confirmed to have the virus between the 3 countries of Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. The numbers continue to rise in Sierra Leone and the last report from the Sierra Leone Ministry of Health read that as of August 6 there are 161 people who have survived the virus, 214 deaths, and 623 confirmed cases.  The majority of the confirmed cases are in Kailahun and Kenema which is where the outbreak started in Sierra Leone.  Both of these districts are South of Kono.  There is only 1 confirmed case of Ebola in Kono.  

3.  Samaritan's Purse continues to treat Ebola in Liberia and Doctor's Without Borders is doing the same in Sierra Leone.  Both are within the epicenters of the Ebola outbreak in each of those countries.  The Sierra Leonean government has mobilized military to enforce travel restrictions in the areas with a large number of confirmed Ebola cases.  There was a national day of prayer, reflection and education on Monday, August 4 in Sierra Leone that people took seriously.  The streets of Freetown were empty that day.  The Sierra Leone Ministry of Health is providing education on the Ebola virus and several religious organizations are hosting educational sessions for people.  There are also campaigns going on to hand out chlorine bleach for disinfecting and soap for good hand-washing.  The Centers for Disease Control, the World Health Organization, and the International American Red Cross have joined together to build another treatment center in Kailahun which is where the most number of confirmed Ebola cases are occurring in Sierra Leone.  The World Bank has pledged $200 million to help mobilize people, supplies, and treatment to the epicenters. 

4.  Jericho Road's medical clinic construction continues despite the Ebola crisis.  The 40 construction men have been working diligently on this and the tin roof is being put on the guest house.  The solar paneling is arriving sometime this month in which World Hope will help with the installation.  All medical teams going over to Sierra Leone have been suspended until further notice.  Jericho Road plans on helping with the Ebola crisis in a tangible way but the details have yet to be determined.  Stay tuned for that.

5.  God has been faithful to our medical mission in Sierra Leone.  He's heard and answered our prayers so far in a variety of ways.  We need to keep praying and trusting God for wisdom during this time.  Please pray for Phebian, for all the people of Sierra Leone, for the organizations on the ground providing medical care, for more resources to be effectively used in containing and treating this outbreak, for our medical mission going forward, for a tangible way for Jericho Road to help in this crisis, for the Americans being treated for Ebola at Emory Hospital, for a vaccine or medical treatment discovery, and for God to be glorified through this crisis.

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