Monday, October 27, 2014

New Sierra Leone Alliance Food Program for Contacts of Ebola Victims!

We've raised enough money for an ambulance and for a 40 foot crate filled with personal protective equipment as well as other medical supplies. Thank you for helping us! The ambulance is sitting in the port waiting to be cleared and unloaded. The crate will be leaving Buffalo in the next 2 weeks and will make it to Sierra Leone after 2 months.

Since our medical director's recent trip to Sierra Leone, we've identified another need that we are raising money for in order to tangibly help during this crisis. The need is for food. We are partnering with the Sierra Leone Alliance of WNY in order to bring much needed food to the 6 districts that the Alliance works in. 

Often times contacts of Ebola infected individuals are quarantined for 3 weeks in which gathering food and water becomes a challenge. Sometimes these individuals are quarantined 2-3 times due to their recurrent contacts with Ebola infected family or household members. As a result, the temptation to escape quarantine in order to search for food and water becomes a reality thus putting other community members at risk. By providing food and water to quarantined individuals, the Ebola cycle is ended and the community is kept safe. Our goal is to raise $210,000 in order to help provide food during this crisis over a 12 month time period. We do have in country partners that will distribute the food and who have been sharing stories of thankfulness for helping their people during this hard time.

Please consider making a one time donation on our website here and select the Sierra Leone Alliance Food Program.

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