Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Leaving Kono 10/18/14

Tomorrow Phebian and I will get up early and head to Freetown where we will have various meetings scheduled on Monday and Tuesday. Then I'll head home on Wednesday. The trip will be long tomorrow, at least 10 hours, taking us over terrible roads and through multiple Ebola checkpoints. Keep us in prayer.

I have mixed feelings about leaving Kono. I am sad to leave our friends, the clinic, and the work here. It seems like this place keeps grabbing hold of more of my heart and not letting go. Each time it is harder to leave. But I also look forward to coming home to my wife, kids, and Jericho Road family, and so Freetown gets me closer to home.

Today was a blur of activity and now I am finally resting. It was hot and muggy today and so I am hoping for another storm. Here is what I did today:

- Ran with Joshua and Kye.
- Met with contractors to figure out where to build the shed for the solar batteries.
- Visited Wellbody to evaluate their patient triage and screening protocols. Also had some good conversations with Dr. Dibba and Dr. Kelly.
- Visited the Kono District Medical Officer and delivered a truck load of medical supplies from the Texas container.
- Met with Phebian and Pastor Joshua to review operational and building finances. They are keeping excellent handwritten ledgers of every transaction and every receipt is accounted for. This is great news! No quick books or calculators over here. Joshua does everything by hand.
- Visited Wellbody again to give them one of the no touch thermometers.
- Fixed a flat tire and then tried to find a spare.
- Met with contractors, Phebian, and Joshua to get a final tally on what is still needing to be done to complete the construction. We need $15,000 to complete the Mission house and fence. This is more than expected and is not in our budget. Please pray and consider giving financially to help us get finished.

Now, I'm writing to you and resting. And I continue to be thankful for good health, God's protection, and the opportunity to participate in this project. It brings we great joy. I feel God's presence and peace that this clinic is almost finished and will be able to open in January. Ebola will not have the final say. Rather we will put our faith in an Almighty God before our fear.

Thank you for your prayers and support.


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