Monday, November 17, 2014

Five orphaned children receive more than food from our food program

 The food program continues to help those in need especially the orphans who've tragically and suddenly lost their parents to Ebola. Being an orphan in Sierra Leone is devastating because already the living conditions are tight and food is scarce. More often then not, they are left to fend for themselves and they are at risk of being trafficked. There are no children s shelters, government food programs, or foster care in Sierra Leone.

There were 5 orphaned children in particular whom Phebian recently reached out to help. She felt called to help beyond providing them with food due to their tragic situation. They were living in a makeshift structure with their grandmother. Their parents had died recently from Ebola and the government burned down their house along with their few belongings in an attempt to rid the area of Ebola. They literally had nothing except the clothes on their backs. Can you imagine? Your parents die, your house gets burned down, and you're left to fend for yourself. The situation seemed hopeless.

Phebian felt a deep compassion for them as she reached out to help. She decided to buy them more than just food but got them 3 savanna grass mattresses, 2 chairs, 2 buckets, 3 blankets, 6 bed linens, and some used clothing. This act of kindness brought them hope to their hopeless situation. Phebian had a meeting with the community leaders to call them to commitment in showing care and concern for these children. She was their advocate and as a result they will be cared for. She tangibly acted out the call of Christ Jesus to serve the least of these in the community. That is what this food program is all about.

We are still collecting donations. The need is great and any amount helps. If you would like to give to our food program, please do so here.

The five orphaned children
After receiving the donated items

Phebian speaking with community leaders

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