Monday, November 3, 2014

Introducing Karlin...

Karlin is the newest member of our Global Health Outreach Team. He is a registered nurse who for the past year has lived in Sierra Leone working in Freetown in several capacities. His most recent role was working with the Connaught Government Hospital in capacity building activities within their Emergency Department. This work included helping to set up an isolation unit and training staff in proper isolation techniques. His journey to working with us at Jericho Road is nothing short of a God ordained miracle.

He found out about Jericho Road through a connection at his church in South Carolina. After some time and several conversations, he was able to join Dr. Glick and Phebian for two weeks in the Kono district. During that time, they were able to show him our medical clinic and introduce him to our medical mission project. Shortly thereafter, he was offered a position to join Jericho Road in Sierra Leone with the primary purpose of making our medical clinic operational. He graciously accepted this offer and he's currently working with us in Buffalo, NY. With his skill set, medical background, and in country connections he has been a perfect addition to our Global Health Outreach Team.

Our medical clinic building and mission house is still on track to be finished by January of 2015. Karlin is planning to join Phebian in country at that time. There is a lot of work to be done in making the medical clinic operational. Karlin is ready for this because of his missional heart to serve the people of Sierra Leone, to help improve the medical infrastructure, to strengthen the fragile health system, and to improve the quality of care for those in Kono. By doing this, he will be the hands and feet of Jesus in a country that has been devastated by war, poverty, injustice, and poor health. We are excited at what his presence in Sierra Leone will do for our mission there.

Please consider supporting him by clicking here and selecting Sierra Leone Operations Fund under purpose.  Thank you in advance.

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