Thursday, November 20, 2014

The impact of the food program

Our food program caters towards those in Sierra Leone who are quarantined. Orphan children are the priority when deciding who to give the food to. Per Phebian, other groups have been doing this before we started but ours is making more impact. The other groups would supply them with rice but no other ingredients to go along with it. They would run out of rice after one week and with 2 more weeks of quarantine ahead of them, they would eventually go hungry. So far, we've been able to help 38 families in the Kono district.

Our food program provides rice, fish, palm oil, peanut paste, salt, sugar and mayo. We give them enough for 3 weeks which is the length of a quarantine. We also provide bowls to fetch water in for bathing and drinking. This curbs the idea of running away and breaking quarantine because their basic needs of hunger and thirst are met. Please help us continue this program by donating here as well as sharing this blog with family and friends.

A father with the donated bucket and food

Phebian preparing the food donations

Donated food items lined up and ready to be delivered

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