Saturday, February 7, 2015

A Miraculous Day

An update from Karlin (RN) who is currently on the ground in Sierra Leone with Phebian.

After much work and political wrangling Phebian cleared the container from the Freetown Port.

The truck drove through the night arriving in Koidu at 5am this morning. I hadn't realized it was coming this morning. I heard a lot of action outside, but it being Saturday morning I took my time getting outside.

What an incredible surprise to see the container, and to see it well on it's way to being uploaded. The storeroom under the mission house now has full shelves.

I had begun to have a certain level of stress as I contemplated the challenge of safely opening our clinic without all of these supplies. God knew though, and he cleared the container right on time.

What a neat privilege to be part of the loading process in Buffalo with the sourcing and packing of supplies, and now to be on the ground when it arrives. So many people have been part of this process from start to finish.

Thankful for each one!


Unloading the container.

This is how things are carried in Sierra Leone.

The storage shelving in full!

The truck outside our clinic.

Unloading an exam table.

The driver - he gets a lot of credit for driving on Sierra Leonean roads at night!

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