Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Reflections from our team

Right now we have a Jericho Road team of three people over in Sierra Leone assisting the Sierra Leone based team that includes Phebian, Karlin, and Pastor Joshua in getting the health center operational. The Jericho Road team includes Rohith Saravanan, a family practice physician whose presence has greatly helped solidify the final details of the screening process and layout. He's been able to teach the staff the process of putting on and taking off PPE. The second team member is Brett Lawton who directs clinical operations at Jericho Road in Buffalo. His presence has been helpful in setting up medical records and other systems within the clinic. The third team member is Hans Glick who is a videographer and has been working to really capture the story of the medical clinic and bring that story back to Buffalo. Here are some of their reflections on experiencing the opening of the clinic for patient care on 2/16/15.


"We started our day with a group huddle and ended the same way. There was good energy in the air. The clinic is breezy in the hallways, and hot inside the room behind closed doors. The staff cleaned up after themselves, and took some ownership of the responsibility given.

The mix of patients ranged from pediatric to prenatal to geriatric. The mix of medical conditions were from acute infections, to suture removal, to chronic medical conditions. The medications dispensed were from ampicillin to ibuprofen to a wrist splint.

The patients were thankful for the care. Some were able to pay the full charge, and some only paid partial amounts. Kids under 5 receive free care. Prenatal patients receive free care, because the charge comes at the time of delivery. All staff receive free care.

It was a rewarding experience to be a part of. I lift today's accomplishment to each one of you. Your support, your prayers, and your faith in this mission made this possible. And this is only the beginning. Bravo and Cheers!"

Dr. Rohith Saravanan

"Today we saw our first 22 patients! God was gracious to make it not an overwhelming day and everyone performed amazingly well! Our team members are such quick learners and so eager to learn new things. The reception team already started operating like a well oiled machine. All our new patients have been added to our Excel spreadsheet for future reference. The pharmacy team already has a good system down!

This day deserves some credit and kudos to the predecessors who've traveled to Kono the past five years. It is built on their valiant efforts, especially Phebian, who heard God's call to leave behind her life in the US to come here for this purpose. For Dr. Glick, who continued to push us to do this and move forward with our plans for opening now in spite of the Ebola crisis. For the teams that have come and met with community leaders and started providing care and giving Jericho Road a good name. For the donors and fundraising efforts to build this beautiful facility and provide staff to handle the load of patients. We are truly blessed to be here to witness this amazing event. God is so good!"

Brett Lawton

"Day one of the Adama Martha Memorial Community Health Center is officially in the books! It was a cool thing to be a part of. A total of 22 patients came through the doors, and from what I could see, things seemed to run remarkable smoothly for the first day. Granted, we didn't exactly encounter the open-the-floodgates moment I was half-expecting, but the smaller number of patients gave the staff time to settle into their roles. 

I want to extend a quick word of congratulations to everyone who had a hand in making this clinic possible. To have achieved such a tangible, impactful result despite countless challenges is a testament to the faith, courage, and determination motivating this project from the beginning." 

Hans Glick

"Yesterday we had our general orientation for all the staff. The room was full. I tried to do a quick count on the numbers in the room and I think there were close to 30 people (many of them young volunteers). There were some emotional moments as we reflected on the process of getting to this point and looking forward. This calling from the Lord has been burning in Phebian's heart for years. After moving to the US as a refugee as a result of Sierra Leone's civil war she felt a strong compulsion to return and help her people. Tomorrow's events will be the culmination of years of work, planning, preparation. I've been blessed to join this work rather late in the game."

Karlin Bacher, RN

The Adama Martha Memorial Community Health Center Team after Day #1

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