Friday, February 20, 2015

Stories from Week One of Providing Healthcare in Kono

"Clinic ran smoothly as usual. We actually saw around 29 patients today, including the 3 in the fever tent. That was the main attraction today. There was some drama involved, but none of the cases met case definitions for Ebola. So, we didn't have to send anyone away. All received treatment and left feeling happy. We closed at 3 pm as planned. Staff are all in good spirit. The prayers during open and close is a very nice touch and really helps boost morale."

Dr. Rohith Saravanan (2/18/15)


"We had a great day today - we saw 27 patients. They started queuing up early - 7:30 am when we open at 9! A few patients had fevers and had to be seen in the fever tent by team members in full personal protective equipment - a little disconcerting for the patients in a time of Ebola, but none actually had it - phew! Putting on and taking off the PPE is quite a lengthy process and so the providers seeing patients were a bit delayed by it. It caused a bit of a wait for patients and lead Sahr Albert to declare at the end of the day at our closing staff meeting - "we need another doctor!" Sahr Albert is one of the volunteer reception team members and has really taken the job seriously - a great customer focused attitude." 

Brett Lawton (2/19/15)

"I had some fun filming two painters as they added the Jericho Road logo to the front of the clinic alongside the name of the clinic, which had been painted previously. The guys were incredibly skilled and painstakingly detail-oriented: lacking a protractor or compass with which to create a stencil for the circular logo, they made do with a ruler and a keen eye (and did a better job of it than I would have even with the proper tools). The resulting logo was icing on the cake - a symbolic stamp of approval on a clinic five-plus years in the making."

Hans Glick (2/18/15)


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