Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Training our Sierra Leone Staff

The Adama Martha Memorial Community Health Center is scheduled to open it's doors for patient care on February 16, 2015! This has been a 5 year journey and a long awaited day! We praise the Lord for his faithfulness to our mission in Sierra Leone.

Phebian and Karlin have been working hard to get our health center operational. One of the tasks is to train the 15 person staff that we have hired. Here are some of the staff we've hired: a medical doctor, a community health officer, 3 nurses, 2 medical assistants, 2 security guards, a cook, a grounds keeper, a house keeper, and 3 community health workers. The health professionals in particular the nurses, medical assistants and community health workers have undergone daily staff training for the past week. We have a few pictures to document the process.

A group of medical staff training.

Attentive students inside the classroom in our health center.

Learning how to read a malaria test.

The community health officer teaches a lecture.

The community health workers learn how to take a blood pressure.

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