Wednesday, February 4, 2015

General Sierra Leone Mission Project Updates

It's been an eventful few weeks!

We have several updates in regards to our Sierra Leone Mission Project that we would like to share with you.

The official name of the clinic is called Adama Martha Memorial Community Health Center. Phebian chose this name in honor of her grandma (Adama) and mother (Martha) who motivated her to purse a career in health care.

The back of the Health Center. 
 Both Phebian and Karlin have arrived in Kono and are making the necessary preparations to begin clinic operations in the next 2 weeks. A local team from Jericho Road will be joining them for 3 weeks to help with the operational process, train local staff, and see patients.

We've hired a Sierra Leonean Medical Doctor to work at our health center. He received his training in Freetown and is a recent graduate. He starts with us next week! We've also hired 15-20 other staff members who will report to work next week and receive training prior to the grand opening. The grand opening is the week of February 16, 2015!

Local carpenters are finishing up some last minute projects (without power tools!).
The solar panel system is installed and fully functional!

The ambulance is being used to transport patients in Kono. We are using it in conjunction with Wellbody, another local medical clinic.

The container filled with furniture, supplies, and so many other things, is set to arrive this week in Kono!

Ebola is on an overall downward trend in Sierra Leone, and in particular, the Kono District. There are still cases but not as many as before. This significant reduction is due to more Ebola Treatment Units and Community Care Centers throughout the country, as well as, increased compliance with quarantine, proper burial techniques, and basic hand hygiene.

Please continue to pray for our mission, our team, and the people of Sierra Leone.

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